Rent Kitesurfing Gear in Dubai

Are you looking to hire kitesurfing equipment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? You already know how to kite, but you don’t have your gear?
unsure what to bring your kite gear 5, 7, 9, 11 etc …? Twintip or surfboard? Suitcase already full and extra baggage too expensive? Do not worry, you can rent all the kitesurfing equipment you need at our School. You can choose kite and board size depending on the wind. We have freeride, delta bow and C-kites to choose from. Boards available include new school twintips and freeride in different sizes and we have six wave style boards with and without foot straps. All equipment is this year’s and of excellent quality. Also we rent SUP (stand up paddle) boards and surfboards for those who want to try these water sports.

Gear 1 hour 2 hours Half day Full day Book
Full Kite surfing Gear hire 250 Aed 400 Aed 500 Aed 700 Aed BOOK
Kite surfing kite hire 200 Aed 350 Aed 500 Aed 600 Aed BOOK
Kitesurfing Board hire 100 Aed 200 Aed 300 Aed 500 Aed BOOK
Kitesurfing Hydrofoil board hire 350 Aed 500 Aed 700 Aed 1000 Aed BOOK
Kitesurfing Harness hire 50 Aed 100 Aed 200 Aed 250 Aed BOOK

Rent Kitesurfing Gear in Dubai kitesurfing equipment hire kitesurfing rental Dubai UAE

We do have plenty of kitesurfing equipment for rental in our school for all levels and it can be hired on the same day, Kite boarding equipment hire/rental in Dubai it can be done in any of the two kitesurfing beaches. To be able to rent kite boarding equipment in Dubai you must have already completed a kitesurfing course with us or another recognized kitesurfing school. You must be at an independent level and able to ride up-wind. We will undertake a brief assessment to make sure you can use the equipment confidently. If you prefer some refreshment we can always provide you with some expert tuition before you start renting kite surfing equipment in Dubai. All Kitesurfing equipment hire includes supervision from an instructor.
You have been renting kitesurfing equipment with us, and you’re ready to buy your own gear? We reduce the price of the hire from the price of your new equipment (rent to own)

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