Kite N Surf provides SUP Rentals, stand up paddle board rental gear at City Beach (KiteBeach) & NessNess Beach

SUP rental Time Cost Book
Stand up paddle board rental full set (LOCATION CITY BEACH) 1 hour AED 60 NO BOOKING REQUIRED
Stand up paddle board rental full set (SUP board, Paddle, leash, life jacket) 1 hour AED 80 BOOK
Stand up paddle board rental full Set (SUP board, Paddle, leash, life jacket) 2 hours AED 130 BOOK
Stand up paddle board rental full set (SUP board, Paddle, leash, life jacket) Full Day AED 210 BOOK

sup rentals paddle board rental gear at Burj Al Arab KiteBeach Dubai UAE


It is always the right time to start paddle boarding. For a lot of you, this may be your first time on a stand up paddle board.

There are many SUP Rentals companies in Dubai, a lot of them are great, a lot of them are good but some follow completely unsafe practices. We would like to give our top five points to look for, when getting on the water for the first time. These 5 tips could save you or someone else’s life.
1. Make sure you are given a life-jacket and a leash along with your board and paddle. There should always be a proper leash attached to your board for you to attach to your ankle, calf or waist depending on the waterway you are paddling on. The proper leash is going to keep you attached to the board so when you fall off, the board will be waiting for you. Also, according to Dubai Coast Guard, if you are outside of the swim zone, you must have a life-jacket and whistle on board.
2. The board company should always be willing to get on a board and paddle with you for several minutes to make sure you are doing everything correctly. They should teach you how to stand, properly paddle, fall safely and get back on your board.
3. The board company should be able to give you proper directions as of to where to paddle and any possible dangers in the water.
4. Never be put in a highly populated swim area and/or waterway. Even if you are wearing a leash, if you fall off, your board can still hit and seriously injure a nearby swimmer.
5. If you are a beginner do not rent when the wind is blowing more than 12 miles an hour and especially if it is blowing off shore. Always ask the board company to take you to a safer location to paddle.
We look forward to seeing you on the water wherever that waterway might be. Happy paddling!!

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