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As water sports are increasingly becoming more popular, especially in Dubai, where the weather allows the public to spend most of their days by the beach. Many different activities have developed over the years such as Stand Up Paddle boarding, Surf Ski, and Canoeing… etc. One activity somehow remains at the center of water sports; the kayak.

The Kayak has plenty of different uses but in its most basic use, kayaking is a very easy sport and it can be done by all family members, where the rider uses a double bladed paddle to get across the water and what most families like to do is to have their kids with them on the same kayak, but that’s not all! What we do have though, is beautiful calm waters and scenic views across the shore of Dubai! Always be sure to look out for dolphins that pass through Dubai waters and the sea turtles that surface along the coast.
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At our City Beach location, we have a fleet of single and double kayaks available for hire giving you the opportunity to explore this amazing area at your own pace. These are available the entire week and all day starting from 7 am so usually it is fine to take a chance and show up without a booking.

We do not offer any one on one lessons for kayaking since it is fairly easy and requires no prior skills. We do however, provide you with life Jacket and a 10 minutes briefing session before you get out on the water.


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