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Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the best paddle boarding travel locations in the region, including the kite beach Dubai, Burj Al Arab Beach, palm island Jumeirah, and Jumeirah beach residence (JBR). SUP Dubai, Paddle boarding in Dubai sets itself apart from the rest of the world due to its warm water, warm weather and consistent flat water along Dubai’s coats, among many other things. If you’re looking for the best paddle boarding destination, Dubai should be on your radar.

Within the Dubai stand up paddling community, stand up paddlers have the ability to choose from a variety of Locations. From the kite beach Dubai to the beautiful Burj Al Arab beach, your options for sup Dubai are overwhelming. Although there are many locations to paddle board in Dubai, we will focus on those that you shouldn’t miss while vacationing in the city of endless summer.

SUP DUBAI When Should You Go?

In the United Arab Emirates and Dubai the most consistent conditions for stand up paddling (sup Dubai) falls between the months of October and June. The hot season runs from July to September – if you’re looking for prime flat water conditions, Jumeirah beach residence, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina can be one of the best places for sup Dubai to have flat water even in strong winds! It’s windy almost every day in the afternoon, and you’ll find air temperatures ranging from the mid-20’s to the high 40’s, with the water from 23-30 degrees Celsius!

SUP DUBAI Kite Beach Dubai

Fazza beach or Kite beach Dubai even know as kite surfers beach is situated just 2 Km away from Burj Al Arab. The beautiful, flat waters of the kite beach in the morning are the best for newbies to hone their technique and develop confidence.

During winter and strong onshore wind it’s not recommended to go out and paddle on the kite beach due to the big waves size breaking on the beach, but you can simply sit back and enjoy the kite surf show in Dubai!Children’s play areas and a great view of the Burj Al Arab also promise a memorable beach day.

sup Dubai spots Kite Beach Dubai UAE

SUP DUBAI Kitesurf Beach Dubai

Nessnass beach Dubai known even as kitesurf beach is located in Jumeirah behind Sunset mall. This kite beach looks like a bay and usually not very crowded especially during the weekends what makes it ideal to practice sup Dubai, paddle boarding in Dubai.

During the afternoons when the wind picks up it becomes crowded with Dubai’s Kitesurfers and Windsurfers so always keep an eye on the wind forecasts as a good practice every time you go for paddle boarding.

sup Dubai spots Kitesurf Beach Dubai UAE


SUP DUBAI Sunset Beach Dubai

It takes 15 minutes to paddle out from sunset beach to get to Burj Al Arab hotel in ideal conditions of flat water. Sunset beach known even as Surf Dubai beach is popular place for surfing enthusiasts from all over the Emirates especially during winter when the wind is blowing in the Arabian Golf and the swell starts to hit Dubai. Our main paddle boarding tours in Dubai and sup Dubai are done in that iconic location around Burj Al Arab.

sup Dubai spots Sunset Beach Dubai UAE

SUP DUBAI Paddle boarding Palm Jumeirah

Paddle boarding in palm Jumeirah can be done through the different hotels located in different areas on the Palm or you can access from the water with your paddle board from Al Soufouh public beach that’s located at the base of the Palm. The water inside the palm is super flat no matter how strong is the wind speed.

sup Dubai Paddle boarding Palm Jumeirah Dubai UAE

SUP DUBAI Paddle boarding Dubai Marina

Dubai marina is one of the most exciting places to go Stand up paddling in Dubai. The best time of the day for sup Dubai is early morning when most of the boats still parked. Going out on a SUP Dubai marina in the afternoon becomes a bit tricky due to the huge number of boats going in and out of the marina that’s make the water very choppy. while paddle boarding in Dubai marina in the morning you can meet a lot of Dragon boats and many rowing boats.
Access to Dubai marina can be either through Dubai marina yacht club or through the open beach in Jumeirah beach residence.

sup Dubai Paddle boarding Dubai Marina UAE

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