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Repair Any Kitesurfing Kite fix kitesurfing equipment repairs Dubai UAE

Kite fix/repair: Even the most durable equipment on the market can be damaged whether its kites or boards. We have a lot of spares stocked in our shop for most brands but often a professional repair is needed.

Our kite fix/repair service offers the highest quality and great attention to detail with a fast turnaround, all at a great price.

We pride ourselves in making the kite fix/repairs very precise and accurate so that there is no effect to the kites flying characteristics and are hardly noticeable. The type and color of the material is matched to original.

If we feel the damage may be a default and require a warranty claim we can provide details for this as well.

This table shows approximate costs for repairs, please contact us for more accurate quotes and if emailing please include a photo of the damage.

Not able to deliver the kite to our shop! No problem fill the repair form and we will arrange the pickup with our courier from any location in the UAE.

Please fill out the kite fix/repair form. Affix it well to the kite and send it with your kite in the kite bag only

Type of repair Estimated cost Notes
kitesurfing kite Bladder Slow Puncture 300 Aed These are notoriously hard to quote for as can be quick and easy but equally slow and difficult. We’ll do our best to keep costs down and repair rather than replace where possible.
kitesurfing kite Leaking Valves Replacement 150 Aed/ valve Usually if one valve starts to leak all other valves will start leaking soon (Domino effect) never leave your kite inside the car under the sun (even for 1 hour)
kitesurfing kite Bladder replacement 250 Aed
kitesurfing kite Leading edge blow out  300 Aed
kitesurfing kite Tear to the canopy 100 – 600 Aed The size of the kite has an implication on the price and the way the canopy is attached to the struts & leading edge
kitesurfing kite’s Bridle repair / replacement 100 Aed We can produce any bridle parts to replace worn sections. A whole new bridle replacement isn’t necessary.
Replace lines 150 Aed


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