Kids Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

If you’ve got a budding surfer celebrating a birthday and you’re looking to treat the kids to a unique party experience, then a kids surfing party is one they will never forget! Kite N’ Surf is now offering exciting birthday parties for kids of all ages in 2 different locations. Birthday boys and girls wanting to get wet and wild surfing with their buddies and share laughter and excitement playing in the ocean and to learn how to paddle board and play fun games in the water.
Based on the size and age of your group, we’ll tailor a fun session that gets them popping and riding waves. Gnarly right?
Not to worry mom’s! We’ll have our team supervising the whole time with safety as our top priority. Before we get in the water, we always like to communicate to everyone some facts about the ocean and reasons to always respect our mother nature.


Our Activities


A fantastic way to get your kids on the water and fit for life. This is also a fantastic way to build your childs’ ocean confidence and improve their balance and core strength.

We can provide group lessons, wacky races, and other type of games.

Kids Paddle boarding dubai


Picture this! A XXXL paddle board that can accomodate 6 to 10 people.

This is a great activity for groups of kids. Our all time favorites on the mega SUP are the group races.

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If your kids enjoy ball sports, then they will definitely love our volleyball net where they can play as long as they like.


Kayaking is easy to grasp and requires no prior experience or skill, making it perfect for kids who are slightly more worried to dip their toes in the water. At Kite N’ surf we have fleet of Kayaks especially designed for kids.

Kayak kids in Dubai
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The Surf Turf


Currently, we are hosting birthday parties at one of our two main locations.

Nessnass Beach

A beautiful bay with a stunner view of Burj Khalifa.

City Beach/Kite Beach

Situated by our beloved Kite Beach overlooking the Burj Al Arab.

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Parkhouse Catering

Our partners at Parkhouse make sure to provide fresh quality food that kids are going to absolutely love.

A stand will be ready for the kids to indulge in after an exciting time on the water. If you wish to opt for a smaller package, we could provide mini-packed lunchboxes instead.

If you don’t have a cake on hand, we can provide you with one suitable to your needs. Just make sure to let us know beforehand!

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The Packages

Our Birthday party packages are loaded with a variety of fun games in and on the water ranging from the different type of water activities and not only , to customizing the theme of the party based on what you prefer, to ensuring your child and his/her friends are entertained the whole time.

For more information about our customized parties, email: [email protected]

Sunbeds and Umbrellas are only available at City Beach

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