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Kite boarding hydrofoil lessons (one on one)

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Duration: 6 hours



Hydrofoil Kiteboard LESSON 1

Getting Started: Getting a feel for how your foil behaves is much easier, and safer, with a shorter, more manageable mast. Starting with the 15-inch mast will help you master basic foiling skills like how to properly carry your foil, how to swim and body drag with it, how to get it in the position to water start and how to get it under your feet and moving through the water.
Body Drag First: Developing this skill shouldn’t take long, but it’s an important step in getting a feel for the way the board will behave with a foil attached to it. For many, it will also be a necessary skill to get out to deeper water. With your bottom hand, use your forearm and elbow for leverage, grab your forefoot strap wrap and hold your hydrofoil board with the foil at about a 45-degree angle in the water (if it’s deep enough).
Footstraps: Straps help in getting the board into position as you’re staring, while keeping a loose fit helps you slip out if them when you crash.
Proper Starting Position: Make sure the foil is at the surface of the water before attempting to start. Once in position, hold the foil horizontal with your feet in the straps and use gentle kite pull to keep you oriented in the proper direction. The front of your board should be pointing moderately upwind (not downwind), to ensure a slow start once you’re out of the water.
With a shorter mast, you’ll learn these basic steps much easier and safer than if you were struggling with a full-size setup.
Keep it level: The overall objective at this stage is for your board to be level with the water. If the board is angled in any direction, the foil will accentuate the angle. Movements and changes in the position should be subtle, starting from the hips. Small changes in posture translate to big changes in what the foil does.
Look Out Below: Be careful not to kick the foil in the water. This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget the foil is down there as you maneuver it into position. You’ll also want to be careful of your board when you crash; it will carry more speed and distance than a surfboard or twin tip and can chase you down if you fall in front of it at speed.
Stay Close: Try to stay about even with your starting/ending point as you get used to the foil. Staying upwind will come quickly since the foil acts like a giant fin. For beginners, riding downwind can be more challenging than staying upwind. Until you get the hang of it, stay as neutral as you can with your starting point, given the conditions and geography of where you are learning.

Hydrofoil Kiteboard LESSON 2
Once you’re able to taxi back and forth on the 15″ mast you will advance to the 24″ mast. The 24-inch mast is an invaluable tool in accomplishing your first extended foil rides. As you rise and fall off of the water, you will begin to foil longer in between. You will appreciate the easier handling a shorter mast provides and will be amazed at how quickly you get the hang of the differences in balance and kite control that foiling demands.

Hydrofoil Kiteboard LESSON 3
Once you’re able to taxi back and forth on the 24″ mast and can ride short distances out of the water using the foil you will learn to:
Controlling speed and Lift: In this stage you will learn how to control the speed that you are building for comfort. This can happen quickly, and knowing how to stay in control can mean the difference between a soft touchdown and a major spill. Kite control, front foot pressure and proper edging are the three key factors. Bringing your kite slowly higher in the window will help you ease power from your kite. Strong front foot pressure will help control the lift that speed produces. Edging hard upwind (if you’re ready) or letting off the foil and riding out the speed as you bring your kite to neutral will bring you back down to a comfortable speed.

Kick Free to Crash: Crashes are inevitable. Whenever possible, kick free from your board and crash as far away from it as possible and that’s the reason why you will be riding with your footstraps loose.

Now that you have the basics of hydrofoil kiteboard and are flying on the water, you can either rent our hydrofoil boards or get your 10% discount from our Hydrofoils collection!

* Each session includes 1-hour lessons and 1-hour rental

Booking required by phone or email, contact +971 558006363 or [email protected] and provide name, contact number and preferred date. Prior booking (subject to availability) at least 48 hours in advance.


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