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Surf Dubai: The Gulf is an inland sea with no open ocean, it has big wind and winter storms that start at the top of the Gulf and move their way down from Qatar to Dubai generating large wind swells. These are the “shamals” that we see locally and when they blow onshore they generate surfable waves due to the fact that the Gulf is a long stretched shape facing northwest. Strong NW winds generate these waves and they create the stormy surf Dubai conditions in Dubai.


When Should You Go? Surf Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates and Dubai the most consistent conditions for Surfing in Dubai falls between the months of October and June. The hot season runs from July to September – if you’re looking to score some good waves this can happen an average of every two weeks between November and June so there is enough surf Dubai to learn and to enjoy the warm waters of the Arabian gulf.
During summer (June to September) the Lower East coast of Oman can be a very good place to score some good waves during “Khareef monsoon” in Oman, The waves works well from Late-June until early-September.


Surf Dubai Sunset Beach Dubai

Surf Dubai Sunset Beach surfing in Dubai beaches UAE

Surf Dubai at Sunset beach Dubai with no doubt is the most popular beach for surfing in Dubai, The beach is located just next to Burj Al Arab hotel. Sunset beach is predominately a beach break and it’s a rippable wave that caters to a variety of surfing in Dubai abilities. It’s home to many local rippers as well as busloads of of wannabe surfers so expect to share the line-up when you are here. When the swell is small, try showing up with a paddle board that will make it much more fun.

Surf Dubai spots Sunset Beach surfing in Dubai beaches UAE


Surf Dubai Nikki Beach Dubai

Surf Dubai at Nikki Beach is located at the top of the pearl Jumeirah and in this beach you can score the best waves for surfing in Dubai but this beach is considered as private beach and accessing the beach it can be done only through the hotel. This surf Dubai spot is also fairly uncrowded, as most surfers will be at “Sunset beach” which — if you can stand the crowds — is another consistently ridable surf Dubai spot, even when the waves are small.

Surf Dubai Nikki Beach surfing in Dubai beaches UAE


Surf Sharjah & Surf Ajman

Sharjah beaches & Ajman beaches also offers up some surf and virtually no crowds. The waves are almost all beach breaks on sandy bottoms and the fact that they are far away from central Dubai means that you will mostly be surfing on your own. A trip here when the swell is on can be very rewarding and some epic session can be had if you take the time to seek out some waves.

surf Dubai Surf Sharjah Surf Ajman surfing UAE

Tim’s reef Fujeirah

The east coast of the UAE such as Fujairah offer up some great surf a few times a year but It’s not as consistent as Dubai. You need to check that the conditions are right. There are waves right next to Snoopy Island. You do get reef breaks; there’s a nice break there called Tim’s Reef – named after Tim who found it and was the first person to surf it. Whenever you get a big cyclone over Oman you definitely want to head down to Fujairah because there’s going to be a good swell.”

surf Dubai conditions Surf Sharjah Surf Ajman surfing UAE

Surf Oman

Oman is a very popular destination for surfers from the UAE as it is very accessible by car, very affordable and you can stay right in front of the main point breaks and surf spots. It’s a unique mix of ruggedness, beauty and Arabic in nature but very friendly and accessible. During summer (June to September) the Lower East coast of Oman can be a very good place to score some good waves during “Khareef monsoon”, The waves works well from Late-June until early-September with a great climate and great temperatures during the peak of the Gulf summer (around 26 degrees Celsius) the water temperature is generally very comfortable and warm.


Joe’s Point is suitable for both beginners and experts with rock bottom to the left a sand bar to the right. Rides here can last up to 40 seconds. Compared to the rest of the Middle East, climates at Joe’s Point are forgiving. Usually in the early morning the wind is off shore then around noon time it turns to south east wind and the wind speed can reach even 40 knots!

Joe's point surf Oman UAE

Asselah Oman

The spot is situated just in front of the Arabian sea motel and it can be crowded with kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers especially during the long vacations in the UAE.
The waves in this spot works really well in the early morning when the wind still offshore but it can become messy and hard to surf in the afternoon when the wind changes directions.
surf Asselah surf Oman UAE


This spot is situated 42km south of Alashkara following the coast.
However large swell and strong winds produce a rip that will carry you from the peak and deposit you right down the beach in a matter of minutes.
Luckily the rip runs pretty much parallel with the beach. This spot works very well at lower tides as at full tide the wave can be a bit fat.
You can score the best waves either early in the morning or late afternoon.
surf Oman trip Bandar as Saqlah UAE

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