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One of the best aspects of kite surf Dubai, kitesurfing Dubai destinations is that it is highly portable. The United Arab Emirates has different kitesurfing destinations. If you cherish your job and/or family, don’t start kiting – it’s hopelessly addictive and you will find yourself trying to visit all of these kitesurfing Dubai destinations in the United Arab Emirates and kite boarding destinations in Oman.

Kite Surf Dubai

Secondly, get yourself a kite boarding travel bag to avoid excess baggage fees. These bags are made by kite boarding companies but feature the letters “GOLF” on the luggage to take advantage of airline policies that do not charge extra for golf clubs.

Kite Surf Dubai Beach

Kite Surf Dubai Fazza beach Kitesurfing Dubai destinations spots UAE
Kite surf Dubai, Fazza beach or Kite beach Dubai even know as kite surfers beach is situated just 2 Km away from Burj Al Arab.. Very good for windsurfing and kite boarding at a more advanced level, offering fun in the wind-blown waves.

The kite beach kitesurfing Dubai destinations spot is not recommended for entry level kite surfers due to onshore wind direction most of the time and the deep water.

In case you are not a kite surfer but Want to simply sit back and enjoy the kite surf in Dubai show, Children’s play areas and a great view of the Burj Al Arab also promise a memorable beach day.



Kite surf Dubai Beach

Kite surf Dubai spots Nessnass beach kitesurfing Dubai destinations UAE

Kite surf Dubai beach Nessnass beach Dubai known even as kitesurf beach is located in Jumeirah behind Sunset mall. This kite surf Dubai beach has a bay form and suitable for all wind directions (OFFSHORE wind excluded)

Excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing Dubai destinations spot in Dubai, for all abilities. More advanced kite/windsurfers can stay out of the bay to avoid the traffic, while beginners or intermediates kite boarders are able to learn and improve inside the bay closer to the shore. Most of our kitesurfing lessons in Dubai are held on this beach


Kite surf Beach Abu Dhabi

Kite surf Dubai Beach Abu Dhabi kitesurfing destinations UAE

Kite Beach Abu Dhabi known even as Yas island kite beach, Located just across the street from Ferrari world Abu Dhabi on Yas Island.
Excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations spot in Abu Dhabi for all abilities and the average wind speed in Yas Island is 13 Knots in the afternoon with stronger wind during winter. The spot has both shallow and deep water area, many schools including Kite ‘N Surf water sports are here.
The shallow water area is affected by the tides and during the low tide you can kitesurf only in the deep water area.


Kite beach center Umm Al Quwain

The first kite surfing center and school in Umm Al Quwain and the first water sports concept in the UAE. The beach house is located on the beach with straight access to the water. Beside the kite boarding school the center offers paddle boarding, kayak, wakeboarding and many other water sports activities. The kite beach center is the first of it’s type concept in the UAE where fresh Juices, coffee light meals and where you can chill in a very nice ambient of music.

kite surf Dubai Kitebeach center Umm Al Quwain kitesurfing destinations UAE
Kite Beach Al Gharbiya

Home to one of the UAE’s best kitesurfing destinations competitions Al Gharbiya water sports festival usually in the period March/April, due to its consistently good winds. Recent National Free style and Race Championships have been held here. Al Gharbiya water sports festival includes many other activities beside Kitesurfing, paddle boarding, Kayak, Surf ski, Traditional boats race and many other activities

kite surf Dubai Kite Beach Al Gharbiya kitesurfing destinations UAE

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